Watchman Sonic Gauge


With the Watchman Sonic Oil Tank Monitor you can gauge your oil tank contents ‘at a glance’ from your home, no need to walk outside to the tank.



How it works
The Watchman Sonic Oil Tank Gauge consists of a battery operated ultrasonic transmitter installed on your oil tank, which wirelessly transmits a signal for up to 200 metres to the receiver plugged in to a standard 230 volt electrical socket in your home or office so you never run out of oil again!

Product Features:
• Quick and easy to install
• Suitable for all types of tank, steel or plastic
• Can transmit up to 200 metres
• Can measure the tank contents on tanks up to 3 metres inside height
• Optional audible setting with a buzzing tone, when tank contents run low.
• Compatible with most fuels including home heating oil (kerosene), diesel and red diesel.
• Will also fit a 38mm (1.5″) female socket found on most steel tanks (please check your tank first)
• Comes with complete instalation & set up instructions
• Please see “Video” tab below for installtion instructions


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