With the weather warming up quite a bit, you are going to be using very less oil and probably won’t even worry about your heating oil tank. It is, however, just as important to keep an eye on your oil tank during the summer as it is during winter when the heating season is at its peak. So, what can you do to keep your oil storage tank safe even during the summer?

Here are a few steps you can take to make sure your oil tank survives the summer heat.

Keep tank up to date

The first step towards keeping your domestic oil tank in excellent condition this summer is to make sure it maintains all the general regulations around oil tanks. This includes tank registration, testing of underground tanks, reports of leaks or spills, and tank removal.

Prevent sludge build up in the tank

Your heating oil tank can suffer damage due to humidity and heat during the summer months if not maintained properly. Moisture can cause condensation inside your oil tank, leading to sludge buildup that can corrode the structure of your oil tank. Fuel must always have some room to expand so it’s advisable not to fill the tank completely during hot weather. But, when a tank is not filled up to the top, there is a small pocket of air at the top of the tank where water easily condenses. This creates moisture which is an ideal environment for growth of bacteria. This bacteria creates sludge which is one of the biggest reasons for failure of oil tanks. While condensation cannot be eliminated, it can be reduced by making sure that your oil storage tank is filled before it’s too late. This way you can avoid unexpected repairs or the need for a complete replacement of the tank or one of its expensive components.

Consider the possibility of a spring refill

It is advisable to refill your oil tank at the end of heating season. While it might seem a bit premature, there are several benefits.

1) Beat the rush which is normal during the start of the winter season.

2) Be assured of speedy delivery.

3) You will be ready to face the first cold winter evening just in case your electric blanket doesn’t work.

4) Filling your fuel tank is the best way to prevent damage during the summer.

5) It reduces the risk of leaks and property damage. A corroding oil tank can cause a leak, which can lead to significant damage and is also a potential safety hazard. Cleaning up a leak can be quite an expensive affair.

6) You can save money with off-season fuel prices. It is a known fact that oil prices tend to be the lowest during spring and summer. Heating oil is a lot cheaper during the warmer months. By ordering oil in advance, you can spend less to fill up your tank.

Schedule an annual maintenance

The most important part of oil tank care during the off season is annual maintenance. Take time this summer, to schedule a maintenance check or sign up for an annual maintenance plan. An annual maintenance will let you sleep in peace for the rest of the summer knowing that your oil tank is in excellent condition.

A yearly visit from your local technician will:

1) Reduce your energy bills

2) Extend the lifespan of your tank and tank equipment

3) Improve indoor air quality

4) Maintain warranty coverage

Check for cracks and other damages

One of the very basic yet effective ways to make sure that your tank is in good condition is to inspect it for cracks, splits and any other damage. Do a thorough inspection of the whole tank but pay close attention to the lower part of the tank. Any leaks that begin there need to be addressed very quickly it can cause serious damage to the tank. Inspecting your tank regularly is an easy way of saving money in the long run.

Check the pipe fittings

Make sure that your fittings are secure and in good condition. If not, consider replacing the fittings. It’s vital to inspect your heating oil tank both internally and externally. Sludge build up owing to oil being stored for extended periods can lead to blockages in the pipes and boiler.

Get a heating system maintenance plan

Avoid the additional cost of maintenance and oil tank replacement by signing up for a heating system maintenance plan. Most heating system maintenance plans include routine check-ups that prevent unforeseen breakdowns and improve heating system efficiency. This will extend the lifespan of your heating system which in turn will keep your oil tank safe.

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