Here are the most commonly asked questions from our customers. If you don’t see the answer you need or would like further information, call us. We’d be happy to help!


What type of oil do I need?
Most oil-fired boilers running a home heating system and/or cookers (including agas) run on heating oil, also known as kerosene. If you are unsure what you need, give us a call and we’ll help you

Red diesel, also known as gas oil, is for commercial use only as it is taxed at a lower rate. It is normally used to run off-road vehicles, machinery and agricultural vehicles.

What’s the difference between heating oil and kerosene?
Nothing! They are the same thing. It’s also known as domestic heating oil, 28-second oil, burning oil and home heating oil.
What’s the difference between gas oil and red diesel?
They are the same thing! You may also know it as tractor diesel, generator diesel, agricultural diesel, or cherry red.
Do you do same or next day deliveries?

We aim for same or next day delivery of heating oil and diesel in our area.

I’ve run out of oil. How quickly can you deliver?
We’ll aim to deliver to you, same or next day with our emergency heating oil and red diesel delivery service. It’s best to call us and we’ll be out to you as soon as we can.
How much is delivery?
Good news! It’s free. We’ll not only get your heating oil to you quickly, but our delivery won’t cost you anything.
Do you deliver oil by tanker?
We deliver anything from 500 litres plus by tanker throughout Lincs and the surrounding counties.
No one can deliver oil to my house/ farm/ business because of difficult access. Can you help?

Absolutely! We have the SOS Fuels van and our SOS Fuels pick-up ready to deliver to tricky locations. Whether your house is down a narrow track or your tractor has run out of red diesel in the middle of a muddy field we can help. We can bring between 100-1000 litres of heating oil or diesel in our van or pick-up, delivered same or next day.

I need diesel pumped into some machinery. Can you do that?

We can pump diesel straight into your machinery from our van or pick-up. We also sell 20, 25, 205 and 1000-litre containers for delivery or collection from our depot in Sleaford. Our containers over 205-litres can be supplied with a pump.

Do you only deliver heating oil in Lincolnshire?
SOS Fuels deliver heating oil in Lincolnshire and the surrounding counties but if you need an oil delivery further afield we’ll use our trusted partners to get your heating oil and red diesel to you, across the UK. Contact us for more details.
Do you supply premium oil?
We sell premium oil. It’s an ideal choice if you are looking to optimise burner performance producing a cleaner burn and lower CO2. Premium oil will keep your system in good working order by lowering sludge formation. You’ll find boiler maintenance costs and repairs will be reduced. Premium oil tends to pay for itself!
Do you supply a cooker additive?
We do supply cooker additives and recommend them for any oil burning cookers. It will help to lower CO2 and deposit build-ups as well as inhibiting sludge formation. Use the additive to increase system efficiency by keeping your fuel fresher, which in turn, reduces boiler problems.
Can you deliver if I am not there?
Yes, that’s no problem. Just make sure we can access the oil tank or know of any access problems beforehand. Don’t forget to unlock your tank! We’ll leave you a delivery note when we have delivered your heating oil or red diesel.
When is heating oil cheapest?
It all depends on the price of the World’s oil markets. Contrary to the rumours, it’s not always cheaper in the Summer! Have a look at our heating oil chart to see the prices across the year.
Why do the prices change so much?
It’s all related to the price of wholesale fuel and international market prices. Since SOS Fuels are an independent company, we can monitor prices and buy from competitively priced wholesalers. This means we can pass our savings onto our customers and keep our prices low!
What is the VAT charge on fuel?

For any residential and commercial customers needing heating oil (kerosene) VAT is charged at 5% for orders up to 2300 litres. Anything ordered over 2301 litres you will pay 20% VAT. For White Diesel/DERV the VAT is 20%.


Do you sell new oil tanks?
Yes! We sell every type of oil tank- plastic bunded tanks, steel bunded tanks and plastic single skin tanks of various sizes, from 650 litres upwards. We also fully install them. If we are replacing your old oil tank, we can also arrange to take it away and it will be fully recycled. We are OFTEC registered and fully insured. Our oil tank fitting service is guaranteed for 6 years and all our tanks have a 12-year guarantee. Ring us to discuss what you need.
Can you move my old oil tank?
If you would like your tank repositioned that’s no problem at all. We have to consider the positioning of the tank to ensure it meets the current regulations but we can discuss that with you.

We’ll pump the oil out of the tank, prepare your new oil tank base or use an existing one, refit the oil supply pipes and move it over. Once that is done, we can refill the oil tank and we’ll make sure your boiler and heating system is all up and running before we leave. It’s always best to speak to us first so we can give you the right advice.

What if my tank is full of oil but needs replacing?
We can pump the oil out of your tank into a temporary tank and then pump it back in when the job is complete. Don’t worry, you won’t go without heating or hot water! We’ll make sure the temporary tank is hooked up to your heating system.
Do you charge a call-out to come and give advice?
No! If you are looking to buy a new oil tank or reposition an old one, we’ll come and give you a no-obligation quote. If you agree with the quote, that’s the price you pay.
Help, my tank is leaking!
Call us straight away. We can help you with an oil leak. Depending on the issue, we’ll either replace the oil tank part or accessory that is causing the leak or we’ll pump the oil out of your leaking tank into a temporary tank until you decide what to do next.

It can be very expensive and messy to mop up a big spill so it’s best to get it fixed straight away.
We also sell spills kits.

Can you service my oil tank?
Our specialist technicians will come out and service your oil tank to keep it running smoothly. If you would like a no-obligation quote, call us here.
Do you have any accreditations?
We are OFTEC registered as a company and our specialist technicians are fully trained and work to the OFTEC standards. We are fully insured. We are also very excited to have won ‘Oil Company of the Year 2020’ from the Central England Prestige Awards.
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